Expo Milan 2015

Feeding the Planet…

Expo Milano 2015 is a non-commercial Universal Exposition about the theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Open from May 1 to October 31, 2015, running for 184 days, with over 130 participants, the exhibition site will cover one million square meters and will welcome over 20 million visitors.

A journey of tastes

Visitors will achieve two goals: they will have the possibility to take a trip around the world food and they will take part to the complex theme of nutrition, with all its contribution towards education on food and the planet’s precious resources.

Milano will be the ambassador for Italy in front of the entire world

Here are some of the reasons why this event will be a success:

  • Strategically positioned and a popular tourist attraction
  • Cultural center – The Scala Theatre, the Piccolo Theatre, Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, the Brera Pinacoteca, the Duomo Cathedral and the Sforzesco Castle are all beautiful cultural sites in Milan
  • Importance of fashion and design
  • Shopping capital
  • Sport competions: A.C. Milan and Inter Milano.

All Italian language students at Passepartout, Milan, during EXPO will enjoy the event to have a unique experience.