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This course began as a project of the school, Passepartout located in Milan Italy, that has been active for 18 years teaching Italian as a foreign language. It is therefore the result of many years of practical and direct experience with students from all around the world.

The course is divided into ten modules, each module contains a video, listening, game, grammar, vocabulary, exercises and a final test.

It is possible, at the end of each module to share your result with your friends, via Facebook.

The objective of this Italian course is not only to offer generic vocabulary, but also to provide, gradually and simply, practical language skills for everyday situations. Each module therefore has a precise objective such as: introducing oneself, making an appointment, speaking about your personal habits, shopping, speaking about past events, etc.

At the end of these 10 modules, interested students are able to participate in simple conversations and have a language base to deepen and enrich their study with practice.

Have fun!

Authors of the educational project and text: Marzia Trotta – Roberto Cittadini
English translation of the text: Sonya Punch