Passepartout is a boutique Italian language school in Milan dedicated to working with students to
help them achieve their goal: to speak, read, write and understand the Italian language.

We want the maximum result for our students in every lesson so that this is achieved quickly and effectively.
We are passionate about what we do and have developed a unique teaching method over years of working
with high profile clients and students with immediate needs.

 Students Art Gallery

Our students have told us that they chose Passepartout Italian language school because of our
professional yet approachable teachers, our guaranteed small class sizes (max. 8 people),
and our personal and friendly way of working with them. We know our students individually
and genuinely want them to reach their desired goal,
while also enjoying the process of learning the Italian language.

Learn Italian in Italy with us!

We are officially recognized by: Italian Ministry of Education – Eduitalia – CSN

Want to learn Italian online? Check our Our iOS-Android Application