Accommodation for students in Milan

Where will you live during your course?

Passepartout offers an information service free of charge about accommodation.

Students who are interested in receiving information about accommodation must contact the school at least four weeks before the beginning of the course.

After enrolment the school gives all the information regarding the apartment’s owner to the student. Then the student must communicate directly regarding the reservation, mode of payment and other details.

General information:
*data referring to the avarage prices in Milan

1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
Single room 200 € 300 € 420 € 500 €
Accommodation in double room 350 €
One-room apartment 700 €
Family B&B 210 € 350 € 480 € 600 €

The student always has to arrange the conditions with the owner)


After enrolment it is possible to complete this schedule with hotels and residences with which the school has an agreement.

Independent search

The student also can search independently using the following sites (in Italian):