Teaching method

Italian language teaching method for foreigners in our school in Milan

Since 1996 we have focused on our students’ goals: communicating in the Italian language in everyday life in Italy, at work, at University, or returning home with a solid background in the Italian language.

In order to reach these goals, we had to overcome the obstacles of teaching in just one way. Therefore we developed a method that joins a communicative approach with strong attention to the structures of the language, which is very important in a delicate language such as Italian.

Thanks to the small size of the groups, maximum 6 students, all students can understand and speak Italian during the classes, using the Italian language to communicate from the very first class.

We also take care of those students interested in taking specific language exams: CILS, CELI, or University entrance tests.

How our general Italian courses work:

  • Entrance Test

  • Course

  • Test every 4 weeks

  • Final test

  • Certificate of attendance